Most Creative and Adorable Pine Cone Crafts

It’s the time of year when there are tons of pine cones everywhere! These adorable rounded woody fruits of a pine tree come in so many shapes and sizes, and there are lots of ways to use them to make nature crafts. They are a fun accent for wreaths and floral arrangements and look beautiful when displayed on a mantel or coffee table for holiday decorations. Pine cones can be also a crafty obsession for kids. They can turn them into so many different and adorable things as well!

Creative and Adorable Pine Cone Crafts!

Here I have listed my favorite pine cone crafts both for kids’ fun and home decoration, which will inspire you. From gorgeous DIY wreaths to adorable homemade ornaments, the list of DIY pine cone crafts goes on and on. Just take 5 minutes to browse through these creative and adorable pine cone crafts. Go pine cone gathering in your neighborhood and bring home as many as you want and get crafty. Enjoy!

Painted and Glittered Pine Cones

Painted and Glittered Pine Cones.

Spray paint your pinecones in bright colors and make a stand-out display in your home. via jamiebrock

Felt & Pinecone Owl Ornaments

Felt & Pinecone Owl Ornaments.

Use pinecones, felt cutouts and glue gun to crate super cute owl ornaments! Get the tutorial via LiaGriffith.

How to Bleach Pine Cones

How to Bleach Pine Cones.

via ehow

Witchy Pinecone Owl

Witchy Pinecone Owl.

Check out the tutorial via All Free Kids Crafts.

Pinecone Crown and Wand

Pinecone Crown and Wand.

via playtivities

Homemade Pinecone Reindeer Ornaments

Homemade Pinecone Reindeer Ornaments.

via kidscraftroom

Rainbow Pine Cone Fairies

Rainbow Pine Cone Fairies.

These cute fairies are a sweet craft for your kids to make! via twigandtoadstool

Pine Cone Turkeys

Pine Cone Turkeys.

Great idea for all the kids that love their fairies this fall. See the tutorial via creatingcoutureparties.

Pine Cone Turkey Centerpieces

Pine Cone Turkey Centerpieces.

Tutorial via marlameridith.

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Pine Cone Christmas Trees.

Follow the tutorial via Scissors and Spoons.

Spray Painted Pinecone Centerpiece

Spray Painted Pinecone Centerpiece.

via agirlandagluegun

Mice Pinecone Friends

Mice Pinecone Friends.

via creativespotting

Felt and Pine Cone Elves

Felt and Pine Cone Elves.

Get the tutorial via LiaGriffith.

DIY Candy Corn Pine Cones

DIY Candy Corn Pine Cones.

via whoneedsacape

Pinecone Flower Wreath

Pinecone Flower Wreath.

via thinkcrafts

Pinecone Fire Starters

Pinecone Fire Starters.

via somethingturquoise

Pink Glittery Pine Cones

Pink Glittery Pine Cones.

via shabbyfufu

Ombre Pinecone Tutorial

Ombre Pinecone Tutorial.

Kids will have great fun to do this. Look even cute on the Christmas tree! Tutorial from WhimZeeCal.

Pine Cone Spooky Spiders

Pine Cone Spooky Spiders.

Cool Halloween crafts for kids to make! super fun and easy! Tutorial via jamiebrock

Step by Step Pine Cone Fairy House Tutorial

Step by Step Pine Cone Fairy House Tutorial. Adorable fairy house with lots of pictures and a complete tutorial to build one for your garden.

Absolutely adorable fairy house made using large pine cones for shingles, dry-brushing on some sienna and metallic gold acrylic paint, polymer clay etc. Tutorial via alittlefurinthepaint

DIY Christmas Santa Pinecone Ornament

DIY Christmas Santa Pinecone Ornament.

Via wonderfuldiy

DIY Pumpkin and Pine Cone Turkey Craft

DIY Pumpkin and Pine Cone Turkey Craft.

Have fun with your kids this Thanksgiving by doing pine-cone turkeys crafts at home. Get the tutorial via plentyofpaprika

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