20+ Homemade Dinosaur Costumes for Halloween

Fascination with dinosaurs is one of those phases that most people go through as kids and many are unable to shrug it off even as adults. From bedtime stories about them to stickers and t-shirts, dinosaurs are everywhere. However, a dinosaur costume for Halloween can help to take the fascination a notch higher. And since they are some of the most popular costumes they are widely available and very affordable. But why pay for a dinosaur costume when you can make it at home?

You can make dinosaur costumes with chart papers, cardboard, and some hot glue if you do not like sewing. But with some basic sewing skills, you can also make the costumes from fabric. Regardless of how you prefer to make it, you will not have any difficulties creating a cute and realistic one provided you use a little creativity.

These dinosaur costume and DIY ideas will also give you a fun activity to do with your kids but remember to keep a watchful eye to prevent accidents since you will need to use some cutting tools. Check out the costume ideas below.

Cardboard Dinosaur Helmet

Cardboard Dinosaur Helmet.

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DIY Dinosaur Tails

DIY Dinosaur Tails.

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Baby Dinosaur Costume

Baby Dinosaur Costume.

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DIY Dinosaur Socks

DIY Dinosaur Socks.

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DIY Dinosaur Costume

DIY Dinosaur Costume.

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Dinosaur Hoodie Costume

Dinosaur Hoodie Costume.

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Homemade Dinosaur Halloween Costume

Homemade Dinosaur Halloween Costume.

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Easy DIY Dinosaur Feet

Easy DIY Dinosaur Feet.

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Egg Carton Dinosaur Hat

Egg Carton Dinosaur Hat.

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DIY Dinosaur Favor Bags + Hats

DIY Dinosaur Favor Bags + Hats.

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Super Easy Dinosaur Feet

Super Easy Dinosaur Feet.

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Free Printable Dinosaur Masks

Free Printable Dinosaur Masks.

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Easy Dinosaur Puppet Gloves

Easy Dinosaur Puppet Gloves.

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Toddler Dinosaur Costume

Toddler Dinosaur Costume.

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Dinosaur Socks

Dinosaur Socks.

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DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat

DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat.

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Dinosaur Hoodie Sweatshirt

Dinosaur Hoodie Sweatshirt.

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DIY Dinosaur Costume Hat

DIY Dinosaur Costume Hat.

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Paper Plate Dinosaur Halloween Mask

Paper Plate Dinosaur Halloween Mask.

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DIY Monster Puppet Gloves

DIY Monster Puppet Gloves.

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Dino Hoodies

Dino Hoodies.

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Triceratops Costume

Triceratops Costume.

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