30+ Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Are you tired of store-bought Halloween decorations that have become generic? Always see the typical witch’s hat or pumpkins sprawled all over everyone’s front doors, or the usual centerpieces on coffee tables? Then it’s the year to go all-out crafty and make your very own unique and creative Halloween decorations.

There’s nothing like Halloween decorations to get the holiday spirit of All Hallow’s Eve going. Setting you up for the mood for some spooky and festive celebrations, decorating your home with pumpkins, witches, ghosts, ghouls, and everything black and orange will have everyone dressing up in their Halloween costumes and ready to do some naughty trick or treating.

30+ Easy DIY Halloween Decorations.

Whether you’re setting up your home with creepy and scary decorations or placing some super cute Halloween-themed trinkets, decorating this Halloween will surely transform your home into one spooktaculiar bonanza. Here are some easy DIY Halloween decorations for your home. With just a few supplies and creativity, you can definitely fill your home with some great Halloween fun.

DIY Glow In The Dark Halloween Ghost Craft

DIY Glow In The Dark Halloween Ghost Craft.

via domesticfits

Cheap Milk Jug Skull Tutorial

Cheap Milk Jug Skull Tutorial.

via Youtube

Creepy Eyeball Flowers

Creepy Eyeball Flowers.

DIY Styrofoam Spider

DIY Styrofoam Spider.

This little spider looks more on the cute than the spooky side, as it was made from styrofoam balls and decorated with glitter for the holiday season. via purplehuesandme

DIY Spider Halloween Vase from Dollar Store Vase

DIY Spider Halloween Vase from Dollar Store Vase.

Take a basic glass or plastic vase from the Dollar Store, make a spider’s web with glue stick, and spray it entirely black. Fill it up with purple roses and black twigs, and you’re got a spooky centerpiece that’ll go a long way. And don’t forget the freakishly huge spider for the full Halloween effect. via kscraftshack

Glow In The Dark Pumpkin

Glow In The Dark Pumpkin.

via Youtube

DIY Halloween Crystal Ball Candlesticks

DIY Halloween Crystal Ball Candlesticks.

Turn these surprising objects into mysterious goblets. Cast a shadowy effect on squeaky clean transparent crystal balls by holding them on top of a burning candle. Transfer any creepy print you want – a spider, a crow, or a bat – and place the balls on top of vintage-inspired black candlesticks from the Dollar Store in varying heights. via flamingotoes

DIY Halloween Fairy House Lamp Using a Plastic Bottle

DIY Halloween Fairy House Lamp Using a Plastic Bottle.

via Youtube

Use A Dollar Store Plastic Pumpkin As A Mold For A Concrete Halloween Ornament

Use A Dollar Store Plastic Pumpkin As A Mold For A Concrete Halloween Ornament.

Tell your guests that Medusa is creeping around by showing them this concrete pumpkin. Want to make one for yourself? Use a plastic pumpkin as mold, fill it up with concrete, and once it’s dried, cut out the plastic and your concrete pumpkin is ready to get the scare going. via hometalk

DIY Skull Vase for Halloween

DIY Skull Vase for Halloween.

This vase looks somewhat like a sugar skull, and it is very easy to create. All you need to do is hollow out a foam skull and place your vase inside. You can also easily take the vase out and use it regularly after Halloween is done. via persialou

DIY Trash Bag Spiderwebs

DIY Trash Bag Spiderwebs.

via Youtube

DIY Scary Halloween Lantern

DIY Scary Halloween Lantern.

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Halloween DIY Mason Jars From The Dollar Tree

Halloween DIY Mason Jars From The Dollar Tree.

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DIY Zombie Hand Decor

DIY Zombie Hand Decor.

Would you like to scare your guests with a hand coming off the wall? This is the way to go. It’s as simple as gluing a fake hand to a frame and then boarding everything up around the hand to conceal the base. via consumercrafts

Easy Glow In The Dark Day of The Dead Lanterns

Easy Glow In The Dark Day of The Dead Lanterns.

via growingupbilingual

Spooky Floating Cheesecloth Ghost

Spooky Floating Cheesecloth Ghost.

Ghosts are always fun to decorate your home with. Buy a piece of cheesecloth, drape it over a ball being held by a plastic bottle, spray the cloth with a mixture of white glue and water, and wait to dry. Once the cloth has stiffened, add some eyes and decorate as you please. via onegoodthingbyjillee

Turning Cheap Battery-Powered Lights Into Creepy Eyeballs

Turning Cheap Battery Powered Lights Into Creepy Eyeballs.

Use Sharpees to doodle creepy eyes into these battery-powered lights. Place them outdoors and you’re sure to spook away possible intruders, or your neighbors. via southnorthsouth

Harry potter Floating Candles Made From Paper Towel Rolls

Harry potter Floating Candles Made From Paper Towel Rolls.

This decor is especially great at night. Cut out some paper towel rolls, paint them to mimic a candle, place a candle inside and make sure it won’t fall out, and hang the rolls with nylon from the ceiling. The nylon thread is transparent so your candles will definitely look like they’re floating on air. via warnerbros

DIY Halloween Trees Craft

DIY Halloween Trees Craft.

Create a little spooky forest on your mantle using paper cones, which you will then cover with skirts of dark green materials to mimic trees. Add little creature-like decorations at the foot of the trees to complete the scene. via wholesalepartysupplies

DIY Eyeball Lights for Halloween Using Ping Pong Balls

DIY Eyeball Lights for Halloween Using Ping Pong Balls.

via landeeseelandeedo

$1.00 Plastic Pumpkins Recycled As Outdoor Halloween Lights

$1.00 Plastic Pumpkins Recycled As Outdoor Halloween Lights.

via pinterest

Spirit Jugs

Spirit Jugs.

via eighteen25

Popsicle Sticks Fall Bucket List

Popsicle Sticks Fall Bucket List.

via craftaholicsanonymous

Easy DIY Yard Monsters

Easy DIY Yard Monsters.

It doesn’t get simpler than this. Turn your plants into little monsters by adding eyes to them. You can buy plastic eyes or make your own with paper or felt, and they will look even better if they end up lopsided. via agirlandagluegun

DIY Elegant Raven Wreath from Dollar Store Black Birds

DIY Elegant Raven Wreath from Dollar Store Black Birds.

It looks so elegant yet has that touch of creepy. Another elegant front door wreath to get your creative juices flowing. Cover a basic wreath with these Dollar Store black ravens and you’ve got a super cool Halloween wreath to greet your family and friends. via rookno17

Easy DIY Spooky Halloween Party Cups

Easy DIY Spooky Halloween Party Cups.

The secret to having a fantastic Halloween party is in details like these cups. Try to find black cups or paint them if you can’t, then add small glued or painted eyes to achieve this look. The effect will be enhanced if you present them on black holders like in the picture. via cutefetti

DIY Chicken Wire Ghosts For Halloween Garden

DIY Chicken Wire Ghosts For Halloween Garden.

Here is how you make yourself some realistic lawn ghosts: you mold some chicken wire against a mannequin, doll or any other human-shaped form and place it on the lawn. via ehow

DIY Cardboard Tombstones for Halloween Yard Decoration

DIY Cardboard Tombstones for Halloween Yard Decoration.

Turn your front yard into a spooky cemetery with these DIY cardboard tombstones. Cut out a few pieces of cardboard into tombstones, paint or spray them in grey, and write down an epitaph or spooky message, and stick them to the ground. via ehow

DIY Masking Tape Hand Prop

DIY Masking Tape Hand Prop.

Use your very own hands as the mold for this decoration. Cover your hand with masking tape, then cut it out in the middle, cover the cut part with masking tape, and shape properly to mimic a set of hands. Stick them on the ground and make a yard filled with creepy hands trying to make their way out of a grave. via wholesalehalloweencostumes

Balloon Spider Web

Balloon Spider Web.

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DIY Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

DIY Floating Witch Hat Luminaries.

Floating candles? Why not floating witch’s hat instead? Truly creepy but truly creative, too. via polkadotchair

Toilet Paper Roll Glowing Eyes

Toilet Paper Roll Glowing Eyes.

Cut out some eye shapes on paper towel rolls and place glow sticks inside – place them in dark areas of your home, making them perfect for a Halloween party surprise. via rustandsunshine

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