20 Creative Paper Flower DIY Projects for Your Home Decoration

Anyone can fold an origami rose, but it takes someone with a creative soul and an eye for beauty to construct elaborate DIY paper flower art. From smoothing out the delicate sheaths of a sunflower to carefully pressing the petals of a posy, there are many ways to create an indoor garden with nothing more than decorative stationary. You can bring a taste of nature right into your living room, and what’s more, you can do it without inviting any bugs!

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start creating paper flower crafts, here are some projects that you might enjoy. They vary in the skill and supplies needed for completion, but there should be a little something for everyone no matter what your craft table looks like.

20 Creative Paper Flower DIY Projects for Your Home Decoration.

Whether you’re a professional botanist or just a romantic soul who loves chrysanthemums, here are some fun flower projects.

3D Paper Flower Window Treatment

3D Paper Flower Window Treatment.

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DIY Giant Dahlia Paper Flowers

DIY Giant Dahlia Paper Flowers.

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Paper Flower Backdrop

Paper Flower Backdrop.

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DIY Paper Roses With Free Printable Template

DIY Paper Roses With Free Printable Template.

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Giant Paper Flowers Wall Decor

Giant Paper Flowers Wall Decor.

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Paper Lamp Decorated With Paper Flowers

Paper Lamp Decorated With Paper Flowers.

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DIY Alana Style Layered Paper Flower

DIY Alana Style Layered Paper Flower.

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DIY Paper Peonies

DIY Paper Peonies.

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DIY Wedding Paper Pom Poms

DIY Wedding Paper Pom Poms.

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Accordion Paper Flowers

Accordion Paper Flowers.

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DIY Beautiful Curly Paper Flowers

DIY Beautiful Curly Paper Flowers.

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Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Tissue Paper Pom Poms.

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Rainbow Paper Dahlia Flowers

Rainbow Paper Dahlia Flowers.

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DIY Metallic Paper Gardenia

DIY Metallic Paper Gardenia.

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DIY Paper Flower Hanging Wisteria

DIY Paper Flower Hanging Wisteria.

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Paper Flower Wedding Decoration

Paper Flower Wedding Decoration.

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Paper Flower Centerpieces

Paper Flower Centerpieces.

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DIY Floral Letter

DIY Floral Letter.

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Paper Flower Decorated Mirror

Paper Flower Decorated Mirror.

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Paper Flower Decoration For Nursery

Paper Flower Decoration For Nursery.

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