20+ Budget Friendly DIY Christmas Projects

Christmas is an expensive season. You have the presents and the food to deal with, and often you also need to worry about the expenses that go along with visiting family that is perhaps a few towns over, out of state and even abroad.

After adding all of this up, and considering that money can be tight, particularly for students and younger families, it is natural to feel like you have little-to-no-money left to decorate your house with. This situation might even put you off from decorating your house altogether, if you end up spending the season away.

We think you should enjoy the season and spread the holiday spirit throughout your home though, even if you can’t afford to replicate the grandeur displayed in the pages of decoration magazines.

That is why we’ve put together some amazing holiday projects you can easily bring to life on a budget, especially if you have some time on your hands – or perhaps need to take a break from the holiday frenzy by spending your energy on some manual labor.

We’re sure you’ll find at least some ideas here that you can use to decorate for Christmas this year, so please take a few minutes to read on.

Stained Clothespin Snowflake Ornaments

Stained Clothespin Snowflake Ornaments.

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DIY Felted Acorn Garland

DIY Felted Acorn Garland.

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Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Pine Cone Christmas Trees.

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Cool DIY Snowman Christmas Ornament

Cool DIY Snowman Christmas Ornament.

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Make A Recycled Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Make A Recycled Wine Cork Christmas Tree.

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Lighted Burlap Garland

Lighted Burlap Garland.

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Giant Ombre Paper Cone Christmas Trees

Giant Ombre Paper Cone Christmas Trees.

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Ornament Garland

Ornament Garland.

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Pine Cone Christmas Garlands

Pine Cone Christmas Garlands.

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Painted Snowy Mason Jars

Painted Snowy Mason Jars.

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Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornaments

Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornaments.

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DIY Christmas Light Balloon Garlands

DIY Christmas Light Balloon Garlands.

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Cardboard Christmas Fireplace

Cardboard Christmas Fireplace.

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DIY Deco Mesh Garland

DIY Deco Mesh Garland.

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Popcorn Garland

Popcorn Garland.

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Buffalo Snow Frosted Candle Holders

Buffalo Snow Frosted Candle Holders.

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DIY Felt Garland

DIY Felt Garland.

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DIY Twine Garden Lanterns

DIY Twine Garden Lanterns.

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Egg Carton Bell Christmas Craft

Egg Carton Bell Christmas Craft.

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DIY Dried Orange Garland

DIY Dried Orange Garland.

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Pallet Christmas Tree for the Front Porch Decoration

Pallet Christmas Tree for the Front Porch Decoration.

Plastic Bottle Snowflakes

Plastic Bottle Snowflakes.

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Clothespin Snowman Craft

Clothespin Snowman Craft.

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Gingerbread Letter Garland

Gingerbread Letter Garland.

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Christmas Tree Recycled From Scraps Of Old Wood & Driftwood

Christmas Tree Recycled From Scraps Of Old Wood & Driftwood.

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Colorful Driftwood Garland

Colorful Driftwood Garland.

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Thread Spool and Button Garland

Thread Spool and Button Garland.

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Beautiful Handmade Star Ornaments from Colored Wire

Beautiful Handmade Star Ornaments from Colored Wire.

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